2019 PRCA World Standings

AA: Caleb Smidt, Bellville, Texas $83,412

BB: Kaycee Feild, Genola, Utah $115,965

SW: Ty Erickson, Helena , Mont. $96,274

TR-1: Ty Blasingame, Casper, Wyo. $71,832

TR-2: Kyle Lockett, Visalia, Calif. $75,435

SB: Ryder Wright, Milford, Utah $122,272

TD: Michael Otero, Weatherford, Texas $81,435

BR: Trevor Kastner, Roff, Okla. $84,960

SR: Vin Fisher Jr., Andrews, Texas $25,778

BR: Nellie Miller , Cottonwood, CA $66,097

Taz Olson wins in Logandale

Steer wrestler Taz Olson of Prairie City, S.D., knew that the next few weeks were going to present a break in rodeoing for him.

The 26-year-old posted a 4.0-second run in the final round of the Clark County Fair & Rodeo in Logandale, Nev., Sunday night, to clock an average time of 14.5 seconds on three head to win the ProRodeo Tour event. Olson earned $5,635 after finishing third in the first round, tying for first in the final round and winning the average.

In his fourth trip to Logandale, this was the first time he took home any kind of check, let alone the title and more than $5,500.

“That’s the first time I’ve won money there,” he said. “It’s pretty cool. It was sure a good time. I’ve always enjoyed that rodeo, the fresh steers.”

Olson was 37th in the PRCA/RAM World Standings heading into Logandale with $13,480. The win launched him up to 24th in the world standings. It will also put him right in the mix of the ProRodeo Tour Standings.

 Olson was on Tanner Brunner’s horse Bert for the first time, but quickly found he was as good as he looked.

“That was the first time I ever rode him,” Olson said. “I wouldn’t mind (getting on him again). He gave some pretty good goes.”