Compared to last week alfalfa hay sold steady to 5.00 higher. Sun-cured alfalfa pellets steady to 10.00 higher. Grass hay and ground and delivered hay steady. Buyer inquiry and demand picked up this week from local and out of state buyers. This year has been a typical Nebraska winter with February dealing us the most snow we have had in several years. This cold, snowy weather is giving ranchers many sleepless nights while calving first calf heifers and aiding in burning through hay piles faster than one would like. A lot of hay has been fed in the last 30 plus days. All sales are dollars per ton FOB the field or hay barn, unless otherwise noted.

Eastern/Central Nebraska
Alfalfa: Premium large square bales 180.00, Good large squares 165.00-180.00; Fair large squares 100.00-125.00. Premium large rounds 135.00-145.00; Good large rounds 100.00-115.00. Grass Hay: Premium large rounds 100.00-105.00; Good large rounds 80.00-90.00. Premium small squares 160.00-170.00. Brome grass: Good small squares 7.50 per bale. Cane in large rounds 80.00-100.00; Cornstalks in large rounds 52.50-60.00. Sun-cured alfalfa pellets 17 percent protein 270.00, 15 percent protein 250.00.

area of Nebraska
Alfalfa: Good large round bales 100.00-110.00. Cane in large rounds 75.00-80.00. Cornstalk bales 60.00-65.00. Ground and delivered alfalfa 140.00-145.00. Ground and delivered alfalfa-stubble mix 130.00-135.00. Ground and delivered cornstalks 95.00-110.00. Sun-cured alfalfa pellets 15 percent or better at 220.00.

Western Nebraska
Alfalfa: Premium large squares 175.00-180.00; Good large squares 160.00. Good large rounds 132.50. Alfalfa/Grass Mix: Premium large squares 255.00. Grass: Premium large squares 230.00-255.00. Straw in large squares 80.00. Ground and delivered alfalfa 150.00-155.00. Sun-cured alfalfa pellets 15 percent protein 235.00.

Central and Western Wyoming
Alfalfa: Good large squares 135.00-140.00. Premium small squares 200.00-215.00; Good small squares 165.00. Alfalfa/Orchard Grass: Premium large squares 190.00; premium small squares 225.00. Rye/Alfalfa/Orchard Grass Mix: Good large squares 170.00. Straw in large squares 50.00-60.00. Certified weed seed free alfalfa cubes bulk 230.00-240.00, bagged 280.00.

Eastern Wyoming
Alfalfa: Good large squares 155.00. Sun-cured alfalfa pellets 15 percent protein 235.00-245.00.

East River South Dakota
Alfalfa: Supreme: Large Squares, 200.00-230.00. Premium: Large Rounds, 165.00-190.00. Good: Large Rounds, 140.00-150.00. Fair: Large Rounds, 120.00-130.00. Utility: Large Rounds, 85.00-100.00. Sun-cured Alfalfa pellets: 15 pct 205.00; 17 pct 215.00. Alfalfa Meal: 17 pct 225.00. Grass: Good: Large Rounds, 130.00-150.00. Fair: Large Rounds, 105.00-120.00. Utility: Large Rounds, 85.00-100.00. Alfalfa/Grass Mix: Premium: Small Squares, 175.00. Good: Large Rounds, 135.00-150.00. Fair: Large Rounds, 120.00. Straw: Large Rounds, 100.00; Large Squares 120.00-130.00. Millet Hay: Large Rounds, 120.00. Cornstalks: Large Rounds, 34.00 per bale, 50.00-60.00 per ton.

West River South Dakota
Alfalfa: No Reported Sales. Alfalfa/Grass Mix: No Reported Sales. Grass: No Reported Sales. Straw: No Reported Sales.

Alfalfa: Supreme, Small Squares 360.00-400.00; Premium, Small Squares 280.00-300.00, Large Squares     290.00-345.00. Alfalfa/Grass: Fair, Small Squares 155.00-155.00. Grass: Good, Large Squares 150.00-215.00; Fair, Large Rounds 150.00-190.00; Utility, Large Squares 95.00-150.00. Oat Hay: Premium, Large Rounds 225.00-225.00; Fair, Large Rounds 170.00-190.00. Corn Stalks: Large Rounds 30.00-30.00 per bale. Straw Oat: Small Squares 200.00-320.00. Wheat: Small Squares 240.00-280.00; Large Squares 165.00-170.00. Rye: Large Rounds 65.00-65.00 per bale.
Source: USDA NE Dept of Ag Market News Service, Kearney, Neb.