The Cattle Business Weekly
  • Business management questions to consider
    Here are seven essential questions farm financial experts say a producer should be able to answer.
  • Supreme Court pick might be right for ag
    In a country-of-origin meat labeling case, Kavanaugh was part of a concurring opinion written saying such labels are legal under the constitution.
  • Daugaard hosts last Gov’s Ag Summit
    This marks Gov. Daugaard’s final Ag Summit. He has spent much of his eight-year term courting agribusinesses and ag production to the state, which he told Ag Summit attendees has helped make every one in five workers have a direct or related job in agriculture.
  • Hines tells ranchers cow-calf business needs overhaul
    Producers have been told that milk is important for weaning weight, and they should breed the cows to give more milk, Hines says. “We’ve already noted that energy to produce milk is negative for the cow-calf sector,” he explains.
  • Teicholz talks fat
    Nina Teicholz states that red meat and fats are mainstays of good health and nutrition.“We have a generation of livestock producers made to feel bad because their products were said to be bad for us,” says Teicholz. She says the exact opposite is true and can be proved by those like South Dakota Team Beef members who eat large amounts of fats and red meat, while getting a good amount of exercise and are very healthy.
  • Forging a future in beef
    Kevin Ochsner of Agcellerate Consulting and the Cattlemen to Cattlemen television program opened the 2018 Beef Improvement Federation Symposium Young Producers’ Symposium, pointing to the road the beef cattle industry faces today. He described it as a winding, gravel drive situated on a hill with highs and lows dictated by consumer and producer decisions.
    “All of us have different resources and backgrounds. We need to think about how we can pool those together and build our strategies from there,” Ochsner said, quoting an unknown source: “‘A bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn.’ The question is, can we make the turn?”
  • What I Learned From Pigs
    Failing to respond to industry indicators is example beef producers don’t want to follow
  • K-State study looks at the economic impact of using antimicrobials
    Effect on U.S. feedlots could be as much as $1.8B, report shows
  • Recent rains quench southern Nebraska’s thirst
    After the coldest April on record, according to the National Weather Service, May was named as the warmest on record. By mid-June, the continued days on end of near 100-degree heat without any rain quickly burned up the stunted cool-season grass. Many farmers were wondering if the region would repeat the summer of 2012, a fiercely hot drought.
  • Imagine the future for your business
    Carl Sohn with Northwest Farm Credit Services suggests brainstorming a list of “all the things the business could do” and then prioritizing the “to do items” based on the vision that best matches with that of the business.
  • Prime Time Gala continues to bring beef to tables
    The 2018 gala was hosted on June 23 in Sioux Falls with country singer Justin Moore headlining the event. Tracy Lawrence and Diamond Rio also entertained a large crowd that evening.
  • BIF marks 50th anniversary: Van Newkirk, Woolfolk receive producer awards
    The Beef Improvement Federation hosted its 50th convention in Loveland, Colo. June 20-23. The event is routinely a place for cattle producers, animal scientists and breed associations to come together to talk about the latest in cattle genetics and breed improvement.
  •  A dozen creep feeding do’s and don’ts
    Creep feed intake by calves should not exceed 1.5% of bodyweight, according to Elkins. This means a 500 lb. calf should not eat more than 7.5 lbs of creep feed/day. If they do, it’s time to move to fresh grass or wean the calves, Dustin Elkins, a nutrition consultant for CHS says.
  • By the numbers: A look at lean beef supplies
    An interesting perspective related to price relationships has been divergent trends between fresh domestic lean beef and imported product.
  • Ag news coming out of Washington, D.C.
    Here is a brief run down on what has been happening in the nation’s capital city.
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