Stephanie Kontz-Myers farms near Colman, S.D.
Stephanie Kontz-Myers farms near Colman, S.D.

By Wendy Sweeter

Farm mom Stephanie Kontz-Myers grew up near Colman, S.D., and is now raising her own children in the house she grew up in.

“It’s fun to raise my kids in the same house I grew up in,” Kontz-Myers says. “They always ask me about what we did in the house.”

She is also happy that her three children, Madelyn, 9; William, 6; and Amelia, 4, are getting some of the same experiences that she had when she was growing up. Those things include bottle feeding calves and working in the garden.

Kontz-Myers earned her bachelor’s degree in ag journalism from South Dakota State University in 2005. She spent two and a half years working for Ag United for South Dakota before returning to the farm full-time. She and her husband, Chet, run a commercial cow/calf and feedlot operation, where they also raise corn, hay and assorted small grains.

Working on the farm full-time, Kontz-Myers does the daily cattle feeding and when it dries out enough, she is in the field.

She relates that being a farm mom is busy and things change constantly.

“We have to be very flexible and adaptable because plans change at a moment’s notice. You have to take a little extra time to be prepared for whatever might happen,” she says.

She hopes that she is teaching her children to be responsible, hard workers who care about others. Kontz-Myers learned about caring for animals and each other from her own mother, who she says was a great example of loving your kids and putting them first.

By raising her children on the farm, Kontz-Myers hopes to teach them responsibility.

“I think being on the farm allows kids to see what you do for a living and how you provide for your family. It teaches them responsibility,” Kontz-Myers says.