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  • Veterinarian Russ Daly recognized with Excellence in Service award
    Daly is an SDSU Professor in the Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences Department, the SDSU Extension Veterinarian and State Public Health Veterinarian.
  • SD Simmental breeder fights stage four Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
    Kipp has had the cancer—Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at stage four, currently—for about three years and has been misdiagnosed with everything from farmer’s lung to asthma and severe allergies, but Kipp never quit trying to get to the bottom of his sickness.
  • Lightsey cattle ranch in Florida has South Dakota ties
    In a state known for magic kingdoms, luxurious living, beautiful beaches and alligators, the Lightsey ranch showcases the jewel of agriculture as one of the state’s top cattle operations.
  • The Feickert Farm Family of Aberdeen, SD
    As a farmer-legislator, Dennis Feickert saw a need to share his first-hand experiences with legislators who did not have on-farm or ranch experience. “There were maybe 10 of us, out of 105, who have actually sold a bushel of corn or pulled a calf,” Dennis says. “The ag industry needs a voice in Pierre - just like local government needs a voice in Pierre.”
  • India Insight: SDARL class returns from overseas travel
    Billy Clanton of Buffalo, Peggy Bieber of Leola, and Bo Slovek of Philip, are all cattle producers so venturing to a country that holds cattle scared and doesn’t eat it for meat was a definite change of pace.
  • Crago Cattle Company recognized with the Ranching Heritage Breeder award from AQHA
    The Crago Cattle Company has roots deep in that tradition, dating back as far as 1887 when Peter Crago emigrated from England, homesteading in South Dakota. The first 320 acres were an orchard, but when Peter’s son, Charles, purchased the land, he soon focused on developing cattle, draft horses, and ranch horses.
  •  March madness for Best Angus
    Winter conditions, rescheduled bull sale, ranch work and commissioner duties kept this family moving in March
  • Laubys honored as 2018 Farm Family of the Year
    They are Southsiders, a nickname given years ago to the families farming and living on the south side of the Platte River. For 111 years they have been a part of Dawson County agriculture.
  • Dybdal Charolais in Nebraska
    They run about 200 Charolais cows and 150 commercial black cows. They also grow about 1,500 acres of corn, soybeans and alfalfa.
  • Inductees selected for the 2018 ND Agriculture Hall of Fame
    The individuals selected for induction into the ND Agriculture Hall of Fame this year are James Marshall Sr., of Oriska, ND and Dr. George Rogler, of Mandan, ND.
  • Remaining Relevant: Christensen Ranch focuses on needs of commercial cattlemen
    Calving out 600 cows most years, if John needs a reminder, he simply pulls out a worn calving notebook from his shirt pocket. He’s been keeping careful calving records since childhood. “I have only lost one book in all these years. I have 50 years-worth of books saved,” he explains.
  • Fox Ranch carries on tradition of Hereford cattle
    Hereford cattle have always run on the Fox ranch since it was purchased in 1951. Randy says he appreciates the breed’s docility, conformation, and thicker hide. His mother cows specifically do well with milk production. 
  • 5 Things I Can't Do Without: During a Production Sale
    The Bruner family from Drake, N.D. are about a month away from their annual production sale. Blaine shared his list of top 5 things he couldn’t do without during their production sale.
  • Nordlund Stock Farm focuses on the future
    Nordlund Stock Farm was one of the first Minnesota beef herds to utilize embryo transfer (ET). Sam explains that his uncle was a veterinarian and was trying to learn ET back in the 1970s. 
  • Troy & VeaBea Thomas receive BHSS Stockmen of the Year honors
    The family is well-known in the South Dakota cattle industry and surrounding states for quality cattle and horses. Through the years the Thomas Ranch name has routinely garnered banner awards at some of the most prestigious livestock shows.
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