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  • Cable Ranch Family remembers daughter through barrel racing event
    Because of all the good memories the family created barrel racing together, when a tragic car accident took Jimmi’s life four years ago, Harley, Dawn and Kari decided a memorial barrel race would be a fitting way to remember Jimmi; her love of horses and passion for barrel racing, livestock and their Pukwana ranch. And, most of all, her love for her family and friends.
  • A look at how three fathers include agriculture in their kids’ lives
    Kurt Stiefvater, Larry Reinhold and Christopher Schauer talk about what pieces of agriculture and themselves they hope to instill in their children.
  • Mark Johnson believes in hands-on learning experiences for his kids

    Mark Johnson of Centerville, South Dakota, became a father 16 years ago with the birth of he and his wife, Jeanne’s, oldest son, Trevor. Two years later they had another son, Tate, now 14. Trevor and Tate say Mark is a good dad because he is always on their team and they can count on him. Jeanne says he is a good dad because of the sacrifices he makes.

  • Father of 13 advises parents to use times of stress as teaching opportunities
    One of the hardest parts of raising kids is trying to be fair and to help them understand peer pressure. Neil tells his kids, “Don’t keep track of how hard you work. When you work, don’t worry about how hard your brother or sister or classmate or teammate is or isn’t working. That only causes bitterness and doesn’t get the job done.” 
  • Terrell Farms manages  natural resources in Nebraska Panhandle
    To address conservation of their natural resources, the Terrell’s have installed cross fencing and water developments to implement rotational grazing; they use minimal and no-till planting to reduce erosion risk; and they utilize cover crops to promote soil health. 
  • Making marginal cropland better by converting it to pasture
    In McHenry County, North Dakota, David Woodall regularly dealt with marginal farmland. He describes these acres as “flooded in wet years, and blowing [due to soil erosion] in dry years.” Additionally, he explains that the hilly, remote cropland was difficult to get machinery to for planting and harvesting. All total, Woodall recognized it didn’t make economic or environmental sense to keep this land as cropland.
  • What’s happening at Nathan Palm Angus
    May is the optimal month for calving, especially this year. At Nathan Palm Angus near Estelline, S.D. the cattle graze in open fields and pastures where they drop their calves. 
  • Saddle up with the Gonsoir Ranch Family of Groton, S.D.
    Even today, horses are at the center of most Gonsoir family time. Pull into their Groton farmyard on any given day and you’re apt to find the family together cleaning stalls, driving out to check cows, working horses in the arena or, if their chores are done, at the living room table playing cards or board games
  • Southeast SD Farmer discusses soil health techniques
    Including no-till, cover crops, planting green, and livestock integration to develop higher quality soil
  • Eddy Stock Farm: 2018 Environmental Stewardship Award Winners
    Son of a longtime soil and water district commissioner, Randy Eddy has been on the forefront of conservation measures for his whole life.
  • GrazeNebraska: Kalkowski family focused on stewardship in Boyd County, Neb.
    In the 1950’s Larry and Kay Lynn Kalkowski were teachers by trade, but it was their purchase of pasture and farmland in Boyd County, Neb., – in the northcentral part of the state bordering South Dakota – that became the best classroom for teaching their four sons. The Kalkowski ranch was especially beneficial in teaching the lesson of stewardship of natural resources. 
  • Veterinarian Russ Daly recognized with Excellence in Service award
    Daly is an SDSU Professor in the Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences Department, the SDSU Extension Veterinarian and State Public Health Veterinarian.
  • SD Simmental breeder fights stage four Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
    Kipp has had the cancer—Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at stage four, currently—for about three years and has been misdiagnosed with everything from farmer’s lung to asthma and severe allergies, but Kipp never quit trying to get to the bottom of his sickness.
  • Lightsey cattle ranch in Florida has South Dakota ties
    In a state known for magic kingdoms, luxurious living, beautiful beaches and alligators, the Lightsey ranch showcases the jewel of agriculture as one of the state’s top cattle operations.
  • The Feickert Farm Family of Aberdeen, SD
    As a farmer-legislator, Dennis Feickert saw a need to share his first-hand experiences with legislators who did not have on-farm or ranch experience. “There were maybe 10 of us, out of 105, who have actually sold a bushel of corn or pulled a calf,” Dennis says. “The ag industry needs a voice in Pierre - just like local government needs a voice in Pierre.”
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