The Meat Industry Hall of Fame is proud to announce the Members of the Class of 2015. A record number on nominees were on this year’s ballot, and a record number of votes were cast by current Members and the organization’s Board of Trustees.
 “The final tally was extremely close with more than a dozen extremely well-qualified people within just a few votes of becoming one of the six new members,” said Chuck Jolley, Meat Industry Hall of Fame President and Principal of Jolley & Associates, Kansas City. “A tie in the voting resulted in an unprecedented seventh person joining this year’s group of honored individuals.”
The 2015 Induction Ceremony will take place on Nov. 2 at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington, D.C., when the Meat Industry Hall of Fame’s current Members, Trustees and officers will welcome William Bucker, Jo Ann Smith, William McMillan, Edward C. Jones, James Lochner, Laurence Bettcher and Wolf Ludwig as the newest and distinguished members of the Meat Industry Hall of Fame.
 The new inductees are:
 • William (Bill) Buckner, President of Cargill Meat Solutions
 • Jo Ann Smith, Former President, National Cattlemen’s Association
 • C.W. “Bill” McMillan, National Cattlemen’s Association Vice President for Washington Affairs
 • Edward C. Jones, President of Jones Dairy Farm (inducted posthumously)
 • James V. “Jim” Lochner, Tyson Foods Chief Operating Officer (retired)
 • Laurence A. Bettcher, Bettcher Industries Chairman & CEO (Retired)
 • Wolf Ludwig, Founder of Wolf-tec and WTI