By Krista Stauffer

Editor’s Note: You’ve probably heard others say: “We all need to advocate for agriculture.” But are you doing your part? Washington State dairy producer Krista Stauffer has been advocating for three years, and here, she underscores the need for others to do the same. March 21 is National Ag Day – a great opportunity to start agvocating.

Last September marked three years of agvocating for our farm. Since I started, I have met many amazing people across the country, traveled to states I have never visited and gained some great friends along the way. I have, however, had my fair share of vegan extremists, Internet trolls and social media drama.

I will be completely honest, I am over it. Completely burned out. I have tried to quit along the way, but lately it just seems like agvocating online just isn’t worth all the negative that comes with it. When I get to that point, the point where I feel like posting online is a complete waste of time, I get a little reminder that what I do matters, and it sucks me right back in.

Why do I do it? Every time I turn around, there is a new opportunity to advocate – a new way to share our farm story, a way to stand up for our industry and a way to try and make a difference. There are, however, never enough farmers. We need more farmers to be willing to tell their story.

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