Litigation was filed in Lyman County last week after a product from a Nebraska company allegedly made 1,000 head of cattle sick and killed more than 40.

 According to court documents, Presho Livestock, LLC, purchased a feed product from Norfolk, Nebraska-based Battle Creek/CHS, LLC, on Nov. 10, 2016.

 The product, known as Rumensin, was a supplement intended to allow cattle to get more energy from their food and to control coccidiosis, an intestinal disease. The product is available in a liquid form that can be added to feed.

 The livestock company alleges in the complaint that it fed the cows the recommended ratio of Rumensin to feed, but that of its approximately 1,000 head of cattle that were given Rumensin, all of them became sick, and more than 40 died, with symptoms starting around 36 hours after consuming the Rumensin.

 According to the complaint, necropsies were done on 10 of the dead cows. They showed severe pulmonary edema (fluid accumulation in the lungs) and myocardial necrosis (dead heart tissue).

– Daily Republic News