“Greatness is not something you can weigh or measure scientifically,” said Richard Halstead, portrait artist of the five Saddle and Sirloin Portrait Gallery inductees featured in “I Am Angus | The Art of Greatness.” “Greatness is not fashion. It’s not fame either. It’s not someone who’s making the biggest splash, the biggest noise. It’s someone who has a lasting quality. It doesn’t have to be earth shaking. It doesn’t have to follow any pre-conceived concept of greatness. There’s no one strict formula for making greatness. It’s what people do with what they have.”

Dave Nichols. Minnie Lou Bradley. Tom Burke. Mick Colvin. Dr. David Hawkins. Though inducted into the famed Saddle and Sirloin for different reasons, all have contributed in substantial ways to the Angus business and cattle industry as a whole. Premiering Christmas Eve, this year’s “I Am Angus” – produced by the American Angus Association® – explores the meaning of greatness through the portraits of Nichols, Bradley, Burke, Colvin and Hawkins and their contributions to the industry.

Throughout his career, Nichols has maintained a quest for knowledge and a desire to serve. He was influential in the early formation of the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) and served on its first board of directors starting in 1967, and later served as BIF president. Dave was also integral in the thought process, funding and data collection in developing today’s ultrasound technology. Internationally, Dave has spread the message and lessons of performance testing as well as U.S. entrepreneurial spirit throughout South America, Eastern Europe and Australia.

Tune into RFD-TV on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve at 7 p.m. CST to hear about how Nichols and four other very different people are great in their own ways and how their accomplishments have forever changed the beef cattle industry. The film will also be available on our YouTube channel – Angus TV – after the premiere.

 “The Saddle and Sirloin Portrait Gallery is one of the most prestigious honors available in the cattle industry,” said Josh Comninellis, Association video production director. “We are thrilled to showcase these five icons and dig into what makes each one great in his or her own way.”

Telling the story of cattlemen and women, cattle feeders and beef industry icons give the rural community a voice in both the cinematography and printed journalism realms. Reaching thousands with each film and Angus Journal story, the “I Am Angus” productions allow the American Angus Association to broaden the reach of the Angus breed’s role in the beef industry.

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